Area drains

Where possible McGrath Contracting Inc. will create a positive drainage condition around the house perimeter to prevent drain water pooling adjacent to a foundation or migrating beneath the house. McGrath Contracting Inc. will install new buried drain pipes and catch basins at measured low points in yards, patios and planters to collect surface drain water and carry it to a legal location away from the house. Roof gutter downspouts discharging at the foundation will also be connected to the buried system. McGrath Contracting Inc. only uses high quality PVC SDR35 or ABS Schedule 40 pipe and fittings and never installs connections that become blocked and cannot be easily cleared.

French drains and sub drains

Migrating subterranean drain water can enter basements and crawlspaces or undermine a foundation. McGrath Contracting Inc. will work with a civil or geotechnical engineer to design and build a subterranean French drain to provide a barrier to moving underground water. McGrath Contracting Inc. will waterproof below grade surfaces using only the highest quality methods and approved coatings.

Planter drains

Year round irrigation within in- ground planters located adjacent to foundations and elevated planters present common drainage and waterproofing problems. McGrath Contracting Inc. will install subterranean, surface drains and waterproof problematic planters and install modern low volume irrigation devices.

Sump-pump systems and dry wells

Where necessary McGrath Contracting Inc. will install sump basins to collect drain water with pumps to conduct the water to a safe and legal location. Our civil engineer will design the best system for you. We only use the highest quality American-made fully automatic pumps and hardware in order to provide a worry free solution.

An increasing number of cities are requiring homeowners to dispose of drain water on their own property and not discharge it into the overwhelmed storm-water drain system. McGrath Contracting Inc. has extensive experience building engineered buried drywell systems.