Caissons/friction piles/grade beams

If your hillside project calls for caissons or friction piles you will need an expert contractor familiar with drilling or hand excavating these deeper foundations. McGrath Contracting Inc. can construct deep foundations on the most challenging of slopes and limited access locations efficiently and, above all, safely.

Shoring services

McGrath Contracting Inc. will provide engineered designs for every type of residential shoring need. Project safety and structural protection during construction is always McGrath Contracting Inc.’s top priority. We construct engineered lag walls and tie back systems for basement and retaining walls, use steel casing for pile excavation in unstable soil and hydraulic trench shoring for all hand excavations deeper than 5’. McGrath Contracting Inc. is a CAL OSHA approved contractor.

Retaining wall construction and repair

Retaining wall projects involve every aspect of McGrath Contracting Inc.’s recognized expertise. Working with the project engineers, McGrath Contracting Inc. performs each construction phase including excavation & shoring, rebar assembly, formwork, concrete placement, waterproofing & sub drains and backfill and compaction. McGrath Contracting Inc. has the masons for block work, form-setters for placed walls and specialists for shotcrete & gunite structural walls.

Slope repairs

McGrath Contracting inc. has performed hundreds of hillside repair and slope failure projects using retaining walls, soldier piles, re-grading, benching & re-compaction, erosion control devices, hillside drainage and pipe and board revetment walls. Whatever the slope problem McGrath Contracting Inc. has the best solution for you.